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  • Nabiha Hasan

The Haunting Welcome

It was Mohini's first day at a new school. Her heart pounded with anxiety as she stood in a dimly lit corridor, feeling like an outsider in a sea of unfamiliar faces. She nervously observed the students, their laughter echoing through the air, their excitement contagious. But beneath their cheerful facade, something sinister lurked.

Suddenly, four students caught her eye. They moved toward her with an eerie synchronicity, their steps in perfect harmony. Their laughter transformed into a chilling chorus, sending shivers down her spine. Mohini's hands trembled; her breath caught in her throat.

As they approached, she noticed their faces were strangely distorted, their eyes hollow voids of darkness. Their skin appeared sickly pale, veins pulsating beneath the surface. Their lips curled into sinister smiles, revealing sharpened teeth that glinted in the dim light.

Fear gripped Mohini's heart, and her instincts screamed at her to run. But a force paralyzed her in place, trapping her in the clutches of the advancing students. Their laughter grew louder, piercing her ears like needles, drowning out her desperate pleas for help.

Their hands reached out, icy tendrils brushing against her skin, sending a wave of terror coursing through her veins. With each step they took, the corridor seemed to twist and warp, transforming into a nightmarish labyrinth. Shadows danced around them, whispering malevolently.

Just as they were about to close in on her, a teacher turned the corner. The students vanished into thin air, leaving Mohini gasping for breath. The teacher approached her, concern etched on their face. But in their eyes, Mohini detected a glimmer of something sinister, a flicker of the same darkness that had haunted those students.

And in that moment, Mohini realized that her nightmare was far from over.

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